Nota Network Security Without Password

Bukan la niat nak plagiarism…tapi sumer pun tau kan..tension tul nota pdf with password susah nak taip…XD


Ch 1 Part 1:

Ch 1 Part 2:

Ch 2:

Ch 3:

Ch 4 Part 1:

Ch4 Part 2:

    • kura-kura tabah
    • April 4th, 2010

    Ch. 5- m@1w@r3
    Ch. 6- cryp+0gr@phy1
    Ch. 7 – d@+@5+@nd@rd
    Ch. 8 – @353ncryp+10n
    Ch.9 – p3n+35+1ng
    Ch.10- p3r1m3+3r

    • expertester
    • April 4th, 2010

    thanks husna.

    here is the link for ch7 without password and ads (banner biru)

    here is additional note for des (compliment to nota puan) utk mudah fhm:

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